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    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, if you guys can't help me I completely understand, if possible please direct me to a different site that may be more suited to help me.

    So, here's problem with my Samsung Restore, within last couple weeks I'll get a text message and the phone will buzz if on vibrate or not if on silence, and the red light will flash on the phone indicating a message event (text, missed call, voice mail etc.) BUT won't pop-up the message on my main screen. Also the phone will blink indicating I have a voice mail message, even though I haven't received any calls and I go to check voice mail and there's no new messages!. (ironically calls bring pop-up message to main screen, and I can answer them fine) it's just not working for texts or voice mail messages.

    So far I have powered down phone and removed battery. Considering that the phone is giving a false message I'm tempted to say it's probably a software bug, considering it works for the phone feature but not other. It seems to me a hardware issue would disable it for all features. I guess that means time to do a factory reset. Does anyone have any idea before I go and do that? I'd prefer it if I didn't have to back-up everything. Plus, how can I even backup text messages? Is there an easy way to backup contacts, that doesn't involve me transcribing the info to wordpad or something.

    Thanks for reading, if you know of another good site to post my question, please let me know. Phone is out of warranty.

    Edit: Ok, I feel silly. Turns out the feature for pop-up messages was turned off. Although I still need help figuring out why I'm receiving false notifications about my voice mail and help backing up my phone information. This is probably on service providers end?

    See More: Troubleshooting Problem with Samsung Restore (SPH..m570)
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