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    I'm trying to master reset this phone. It has been rooted and has Galaxy Exhibit cwm-based recovery v6.0.1.2 on it, and is not allowing me to reset it. Here's what has happened so far.

    Phone was working OK prior to all of this, just wanted to keep as an older secondary phone.

    So far I have deleted the ROM, Data, Cache, Dalvik/Cache battery stats and every other reset/delete option in the recovery area. Not worried about data loss here, it's all gone, no backups available, just trying to get the thing to work again.

    The phone is unable to mount anything in recovery and is not recognized on the PC when connected by USB. I fresh installed the Samsung USB drivers before trying.

    Phone will boot as far as the recovery screen using power + Vol Up, release power until recovery screen appears. Phone freezes at the Samsung Exhibit logo screen if you just power it on, does not go to recovery screen by itself.

    Volume keys will select recovery menu items OK and the capacitive touch buttons work to confirm choices. However, the one thing that DOESN'T work is when you press the capacitive Menu button to access Factory Reset, nothing happens. Screen should dim and then give the reset option. But it does not respond. Menu button was working fine when the phone was running before all this. Possibly because the phone is rooted and can no longer access the factory recovery? Only thing I can do is pull battery to stop it.

    I'm lost at this point. Chatted with a T Mo rep and worked through all of this to no avail. Appears it may be soft-bricked by the root, why can't I just reset the dang thing?!

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