What's your opinion on the upcomming Samsung Z with the Tizen OS?
i'm super looking forward to it and i'm sure i will purchase the device on the first day of its release, i've already red some cool things about Tizen and i'm sure it will be a hit! f.e. i like it alot that this OS is opensource, so instead of having to root your device to install certain apps or alternative OS versions, you just have to load a developed version of your choise. Also, because the software is open source, theres a high probability developers will develop a lot more apps since they will need to spend less effort to convert apps from Tizen to other OS versions. So also the possibilities to personalize your device will be huge! Once the Samsung Z is realeased; i'll purchase! I even already made a collection of Tizen Wallpapers LOL. damn i'm alraedy soo into this thing LOL! I just hope they don't delay it too much, maybe we can still see it for christmas this year? i sure hope so!

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