When I compare Samsung Galaxy SIII with some other phones with same specs I get amazed WHY SIII sale is so high as compare to those phones. For example when I compare SIII with Motorolla Droid Razr HD (xt926). I got these results on Engadget.com Compare cellphones - Engadget . Specs are almost same.

When I got to individual pages of those phones I come to know that only 16 people own Razr HD while 1,148 people own SIII (as per engadget only). This story is some on other sites as well like amazon.com i.e. Razr HD has only 19 reviews Amazon.com: Motorola Razr HD XT925 Unlocked International GSM Version: Cell Phones & Accessories while SIII has 1384 reviews http://tinyurl.com/oaaqgks .

My question here is 'Why people buy SIII over other phones? Does people get influenced by high number of reviews given previously on some particular product?'.

After writing your opinions to above questions. I would like you to guide me for some purchasing decision making. I'm getting these mobiles on given prices while specs are not really much different as shown here Compare cellphones - Engadget

SIII $150
Razr HD $120
Razr M $80

Thanks for your replies and guidance. Your reply will shape my future decision making as I highly influenced by number of reviews on amazon while purchasing something.

Sheikh Naveed

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