Sr. Citizen now, very, so please put up with a few dumb questions. Have been using a flip phone, but am now thinking of going to a "Smart Phone" so everyone will stop considering me a dinosaur.

So, family all has iPhones. Sure it will do everything I want, and a lot more.

But would like to consider the Samsung's also.

Most important to me now is a lot of volume and clarity due to hearing problems.
Which is better; iPhone 6 or a particular Samsung model? Which ?
BTW: Are the HTC's meaningfully better still ?

What features on the Samsung's, in your opinion, make them a "better" choice ?
I know this has probably been asked a million times, but if you outline for me the features that are meaningfully better than the iPhone's would be most appreciative.

(any Samsung I consider should be no larger than the iPhone6)

Are any new Samsungs coming out "shortly". Would hate to get one, and find new models available in a few weeks.

Much thanks; appreciate the help,

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