Samsung Galaxy S6 active is a great smartphone, that offers a lot for its owner, but has a one major disadvantage which is the internal memory.

Many customers have made it clear that 23 GB of usable storage is not enough when you are buying a 32 GB version of the device.

One company decided to make a change and is offering this smartphone in a 64GB variant.

This offer is currently available in the USA and it is coming from AT&T.

The easiest solution would to be to include a MicroSD simslot, which is absent from the device.

There is also no information about the device coming to other regions outside the USA.

The decision can be made based on the sales of the new version in the USA.

If you own this device, but you are tired of using the same network all the time. can help with removing the network blockade.

We offer a simple and easy unlock method which looks like this:

How to enter code in Samsung Galaxy S6 active ?

You can enter unlock code using three following instructions:

1. Insert a foreig sim card (the sim card which is not supported by Your phone)

2. The phone will ask for an network unlock code

3. Enter Unfreeze or Defreeze code ( unsuccesfull message may appear )

4. Enter NCK or Network code

The phone is now unlocked

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You don' t need to worry if the unlocking doesn't work, we offer a customer care service, which will help you in unlocking your device.

If you receive a message that there was no unlock, we will make a full refund of your amount, without any further actions from you.

The refunds are always made for the same account that made the payment.

Sometimes you will receive an unlock code, but it doesn't work. In this situation we ask you for a video-proof meaning a short video that is send to the supplier to get your money back.

After that you wait for the video to be verified which takes up to two working days.

When the video is confirmed, the money is refunded by our automatic system, so it might arrive even at night.

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