Hi all,

I have a samsung galaxy note 3, I've had it for a year now with no issues. Today it decided to close my apps and had a little hissy fit so I restarted it, it took about a good 5-10 minutes to turn on which I thought was odd seeing as it always starts quickly, when it finally turned on all I could see was a blank screen with only the notification tab at the top of the screen. I restarted again and again and it is still showing the same thing.

I contacted Samsung and went through the 'safe mode' startup and all that jazz but it wouldn't even bring up safe mode.

I took it in store where I bought it and they suggest sending it away but I may lose all my data which I really don't want to happen so I then took it to a phone repair store where the phone guy said he hadn't seen this issue before, he took apart the phone and looked under a microscope and said there was no water damage etc and this has left him stumped.

Has anyone experienced this before? Or know how I can save my data before sending the phone away? I tried to use a program called Smart Switch but it says the phone is locked so I cannot access anything using that. USB connection also brings up nothing, my pc picks up the phone but says there is nothing on it.

I can access S Finder in the notification menu and see that my data is still all on the device but it wont let me get into anything, if I click on an image and try to share it the screen goes blank again.

Pleassseeee help

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