Hi i have an old Samsung GT E1270 and i want to use it again but it is locked on some SIM password that i forgot it. When i start the phone i type my PIN and its OK, but after that there is a SIM LOCK password. It can be wright up to 8 digits but i cant guess it.
1.I tried with factory reset code but the lock is it ON.
2.I checked the LOCK many with code *#7465625# and the 11 locks are OFF but SIM LOCK is it ON and i cant disable it.
3.I tried with #7465625*28746# for Disable Automatic SIM LOCK
but still its ON when i start the phone.
4.Also tried with #7465625*746*Code# for Disabling the SIM LOCK, but i don't know witch code to put in (CODE) up here between *(here) ↑ #, tried with last 4 digit from my number but not worked,also tried with 8X 0( eight zeros) but nothing again.
5.From the lock many like i said (12 locks,network,subset,activa...) 11 from they are OFF but number 4.SIM LOCK is ON and i cant disable it.
If anyone can help me i will be very thankful.Be in good health and hoping for help. Thanks for reading

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