I bought a new Samsung Edge Phone in the US through Amazon using the Overseas Trading Company as a supplier. I noticed that the phone would overheat intermittently and I would need to switch off the phone. Four months later the phone crashed.
No one took responsibility for the warranty. Samsung didn't respond to my calls or emails. In the end they informed me that the phone was from Samsung China and only they would honour the warranty by repairing the phone. When I called the number Samsung US gave me there was only a Chinese voice mail. When I complained to Samsung US, they insisted that if I waited there was a English message.
When I took the phone for an examination at my own expense I was told that the screen and the charging mechanism in the phone socket were faulty.
I was quoted $400 for the repair, more than half the price of the phone. I decided not to go ahead with the repair in part because there would only be a 3 month warranty for the work done.
I originally decided to get the Samsung phone when my I-phone 5 started to act up and instead of getting the I-phone 6 I got the Samsung in order to enjoy the freedom of downloading music. I was wrong and I will stay away from Samsung in the future!!!

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