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    I will NOT use Samsung product anymore. Why? 1. Premium price but bad product. 2. Premium price but inferior service. 3. No Service Center (similar to an Apple store)
    If someone pay almost $1000 USD for a premium device, he would expect a good lasting product and premium service.

    BAD Samsung product:
    I spent $975 22 months ago on Samsung S6 edge phone. I was using the camera with 80% battery and it went dead after that. I did not drop the phone, I did not do any damage to it whatsoever. I have an iphone s5 lasted about 4 years and still working. Sony TV, playstation, xbox lasted many years, toyota cars lasted many years.

    BAD Samsung Service:
    I went through troubleshooting with Samsung and they decided that it cannot be fixed. I will have to pay for repair it myself. Warranty is only 1 year. They will not help with paying for repair. They will not even going to send me a mailer or box so I can mail the phone in to their repair service center. It shows how CHEAP Samsung is when they charge me for the premium.

    Amazon, Sprint and many companies will send you a box with bubble wrap to ensure protection for the device. That is what premium service is about.

    NO service center (unlike Apple):
    Option 1: They want to send me to Best Buy and I have to pay for the service myself, they do not have a service center.
    Options 2: I will have to mail the phone in. It will take 11 business days. Who on earth will go without a phone for 11 business days or more than 2 weeks if you include weekends? Also, I read online that many complained about Samsung claimed they don't receive the phone or the phone screen is broken during transit.

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    Re: BAD Samsung phone and service

    Samsung is identical to Fisher Price, considering how they're treating you like a toddler. They don't even listen to their customers at all. When companies like Samsung act like this, you, as a consumer, should be outraged. If nobody says anything about Samsung's "premium" service, this is giving the green light for Samsung to continue treating customers poorly.

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