I purchased a Samsung B311 to replace my Motorola Razr phone.

The Motoroal Razr phone a while back was part of a Verizon Prepaid account that I stopped using for a while. When I went to re-activated my Verizon pre-paid account Verizon support wasn't able to initialize any of my Verizon Razr phones to a pre-paid account. I was told it was likely due to changes to Verizon's servers and software.

For some reason older phones may not be able to become part of a Verizon pre-paid account system and only be initialized as regular monthly accounts.

Ok, back to the Samsung B311. I would like to be able to use my external antennas and amplifiers of which I paid hundreds of dollars for and were previously used with my Motorola phones.

I'm not able to find any information of whether the B311 has an external antenna port?

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