I am considering upgrading to a Galaxy S8+ and found this $200 trade in deal online. I have a couple questions....

1. The unlocked phone is cheaper than the AT&T spec one. Why is this? Do you get certain features custom to the AT&T network that are worth paying a few dollars more for by getting the AT&T spec phone? I use AT&T so would either want that one or the unlocked. Which is best? I could always pay for it in full and unlock it myself as well.

2. By any smart phone, what do they mean? I have a couple pretty old/low end Android phones laying around. Everything works and they are in fine shape but just not the latest and greatest. There is nothing wrong with them besides being old and nothing out of the ordinary. One is an Asus Zenfone 2E 8Gb while the other is a ZTE Whirl 2 that was meant for the TracFone network. I would rather dump the ZTE but I think it is locked to the TracFone/Net10 network. Is that a problem? The Asus is unlocked.

I don't want to send in an unaccepted phone and end up paying full price but the terms and conditions seem to indicate any smart phone that isn't cracked/chipped and works normally is accepted.

What do you think? Anyone else done this deal?

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