I am quite HARD on phones and need as close to construction/military grade protection as it gets for my phones. I seem to get about a year out of my phones and then they go to crap. If I get a cheap one they don't last at all. My Nexus 6 is dropping calls and freezing up now so needs to be replaced. I just ordered a Galaxy S8 Plus and want to get the most protective case on the market. I have had several Otterbox Defender cases in the past and always had good luck with them. I would get the tempered glass protector of course as I want to keep the screen from getting busted. I view this as a sacrificial component to save the screen. I think part of my problem is that I live in the woods where the reception is poor so the radios are always transmitting on full power and burning themselves out. I am also hard on phones though and want a tough case.

There were no Otterbox offerings for the Nexus 6 so ended up with the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro as this looked to be the best rugged option for this phone. Anyway I have been quite impressed with it.

So, I have them both here for the S8. Which would you prefer? I would get the optional glass screen protector of course. Or is there another one you would suggest?


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