One steps to health awareness for cellphone users.

A Smartphone Makes Silent Eye Killer.

Now a days all human are busy on working with smartphones.All have necessarily need but they don`t know how such a gadget effect in their healthy living.You have to aware about the fact that by your own effort you can change.Here we are going to discussion about the greatest topic about your eyes.We all have know that how important the eyes is?

Are you part of my crew who just love handling their various range of smartphones and have a knack for ensuring the phone is really bright "so that it won't be too dull on the eyes?"

Have you noticed that you can reflexively close your left eye and open the right one. But it's very hard to close the right eye and open the left one....or vice versa?

Have you noticed that you view your smartphone for a while and then when you lift your head, you find that your eyes are somewhat blurry?

Chances are that the muscle of that eye is weak.
Have you also noticed that sometimes it feels like there is a stone or something in your eyes. This could be after effects of overly exposing your eyes to bright light on your smartphone, laptops and all.

It is important to ensure that you keep the brightness on your smartphone at a reasonable level.
If possible, turn it off completely whenever you can.

Research and user experiences world wide has proven that using a smartphone at night, in the dark, especially during bedtime, can actually cause the feeling of momentary blindness.

We should avoid stories that touch.

In my opinion, the eye is the most important sensory organ in the body and should be treated with almost care, especially as regards using smartphones.

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