So after being with Verizon for about 4 months or so I bought a USED Galaxy S6 to upgrade the slower J3 that Verizon gave me. After that all heII broke loose and the "lovely" people at Samsung began their incessant barrage of throwing my phone their unwanted "updates", literally every day!!!

Withe the version 7 software they installed my phone's screen was horribly insensitive and all the icons got really small and faint in color. I had to beat the snot out of the screen just to make a call on it!!

I got hold of the guy who works on my computers, after doing some research on YouTube, etc. about downgrading Samsung's V7 software BACK to the usable and MUCH more friendly v6 - or as Samsung calls it - "marshmallow" and after about 30 minutes and some slickery to get the phone to shut off (pressing ALL the buttons at once - volume, on-off, etc.) it finally turned off and reset itself. When he fired it up it came back on with v6 in it and you wouldn't believe the difference in this phone!

So that's all done now but I STILL have the problem of Samsung constantly harassing me to download their crappy "updates"!!

Going to YouTube I read about an app called Package Disable Pro that's on Google Play and other websites. They call this thing a "package disabler" but what I need to know is, will this application enable me to block all Samsung updates, OR was it made to just block junk from other companies?

If someone could give me the correct information on this I would REALLY appreciate it. If I can't find a way to block Samsung out of my phone I'm going to sue the bast&^%$!!!! I bought this phone USED and Samsung has NO legal right to invade my privacy.........or YOURS!!!

I also have a brand new S7 that Verizon just sent me.

How about it guys - will Package Disable work to block Samsung???

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