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    So I have a Note 3 that has caused me problems pretty much within a year after getting it.

    I even hired someone around a year+ ago to help me reset it.

    Fast forward to today, & now things are worse than ever & yes I have anti virus on the phone.

    My battery always drained quickly & then someone recommended DU Battery Saver.

    I didn't think it was working, plus with ALL the ads that caused other issues on the phone I said forget it & removed it about 2 weeks ago.

    I realized THEN that it was working.

    I tried other battery saver apps, but either I couldn't figure out how to configure them properly or I don't know, because my battery died within hours of me charging it.

    I put the DU Battery Saver back on, but it didn't help at all

    I went from only charging it maybe once a day, to now having to charge it 2-3 times a day.

    I don't know what the difference is since I put it back on, but do you think a new battery will solve the problem, or is it just the phone? I can't afford a new phone.


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    Re: Should I buy a new battery

    Note 3 is pretty old device and definitely there must be issue in your phone's battery... As you already mentioned above that you can't afford to buy a new smartphone so I suggest to get new battery... If you are looking for any software based fix then try using Greenify... It will hibernate all of unnecessary apps to improve your battery perofrmance

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    Re: Should I buy a new battery

    Quote Originally Posted by freetobeme View Post

    I went from only charging it maybe once a day, to now having to charge it 2-3 times a day.
    How do you use your note? Are you involved in some kind of app testing\ programming or any other thing that is constantly draining your cellphone?

    From my own experience while I was Android programming, I kept my mobile tethered for both testing and an Internet connection. And because the phone was continuously using power and charging, the battery bloated up and became useless in a few months. It took me a couple of batteries to realize what was causing it.

    To avoid this, I use both tethering (EasyTether) paid, which is great as you can carry it over to new phones with just a quick email to the developer. I've done this a few times with ease for each new phone.

    I also use the free WiFi hotspot (FoxFi), a 3rd party application that bypasses the cellular carrier subscription check.
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    Re: Should I buy a new battery

    La Note 3 est assez ancien appareil et certainement il doit y être question dans la batterie de votre téléphone... Comme vous l'avez déjà mentionné ci-dessus que vous ne pouvez pas se permettre d'acheter un nouveau smartphone donc je suggère pour obtenir une nouvelle batterie... Si vous êtes à la recherche pour n'importe quel logiciel de base de correction puis essayez d'utiliser Greenify... Il se mettra en veille prolongée tous inutiles applications pour améliorer votre batterie perofrmanceRead more:Tencent Gaming Buddy TutuApp AppValley
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