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    There has to be some setting I have enabled preventing me from seeing the wallpaper I applied to the Lock Screen. The phone tells me it's done. Yet, I can't see it. Just a black screen with the clock widget. No problems posting wallpaper on the Home Screens. Whether I was using a theme or not. Ideas??

    UPDATE: Just had a Samsung Tech Support girl remotely go through my Note 9. Turns out nothing was wrong in the Settings. It was simply that I have the "Always On" black screen enabled because I'm using the Samsung LED case. I suppose if I disabled "Always On" there would be no black "Always On" screen first.

    NOPE. This OS defaults to the black screen first. Best to always have "Always On" enabled to have a clock/date/notification icons on the black screen. Shame you can't disable the black screen when you lock the phone.

    See More: Note 9--Can't see wallpaper applied to Lock Screen
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