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    Looking for a new phone, and have been happy with my Samsung Express Prime (J320). I honestly wouldn't be looking for a new one if it had more memory than the 16gb. Battery even went on the fritz at 2yo, popped in a $10 replacement from Amazon, works perfect. I've even dropped this thing multiple times a day, regularly, and the basic case on it has kept it in great condition.

    I like Samsung, and since I'm already familiar with the phones, yeah. (I'm not entirely falling off the tech bandwagon, but getting there.) The older Samsungs get handed down to my kids, slowly, as they don't need as much on them.

    So, I need a phone that can hold a charge most/all of the day.
    That will work on AT&T (prepaid).
    That has 32g on it so I can get fit the apps and work stuff I need on it.
    That will last me 2-3 years, minimum.
    That can go on a plane (so no S7 I do believe).
    And, that isn't too expensive (single mom - the phone in my hands was a $70 Black Friday special a few years back).

    I thought I'd settled on what I wanted to get as a replacement, but I haven't seen any recent reviews on it. Any thoughts or recommendations based on my needs?

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    Re: Would like some phone advice/recommendations

    🤔 I honestly wouldnt go for any mainstream brand, I would go for like, "independent"? brands, I don't knowif that's the word, because they tend to be left out of any kind of bloatware and any kind of proprietary software, you can still debrand any phone tho, but I'm just a bit paranoid when it comes to that, in regards of specs, I mostly just go by storage and or battery, big internal, and support for big external, and a decent battery life

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    Re: Would like some phone advice/recommendations

    agree with andy

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