long story short... i got a cdma verizon phone .. outside i get 4 bars of service, inside i get 1-2. inside the house is just horrible and moving the phone one inch is the difference from 2 bars to one. Any way to get a better signal? I tried the passive antenna crap, they didnt seem to do anything. I seen the CDMA boosters for 70 bucks, but yeah for 70 i can just go get an AT&T phone and solve the problem ( i live like right by an AT&T tower and always have a a great signal) only reason i got the phone is it didnt say it was verizon only...aurg.. Its a ZTE FIVEC phone, i like the phone just not the service. I was looking for a way to unlock it maybe and go with GSM service. But from what i looked up, i dont think you can =( Anyone know anything about the subjects? Please fire me a line!! Thank you!

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