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    Im torn about a cell phone update (company phone). I have had 2x S7s in the last 3 years (one was a replacement). This phone drives me nuts. I have gone through all of the recommended optimizations and its still super slow. It feels like it was fine new out of the box but I think the updates JAM it up. I'm desperate to get out of this garbage phone.

    I just became eligible for an upgrade and the best option was a 10e (options were S7, S8, S9, and 10e).

    I was thinking about buying an LG V40 and reselling the 10e on ebay. Here's why:

    Samsung 10e:
    1) I worry about the updates clogging it up over time (like the S7)
    2) Im stunned at the comments on the Amazon 3-star review about "Small text looks "out of focus" on the S10e, but is sharp and clear on the S8"
    3) 1 year warranty now if you register the device
    4) The smaller screen size
    5) not sure if the smaller battery is OK or not (smaller screen - so might be OK)

    LG V40:
    1) large screen
    2) large battery
    3) better resolution
    4) 2 year warranty with registration
    5) LG will stop updating the V40 in October. I'm not sure if this is a pro or a con. I am tired of all the AT&T updates being forced on my S7.

    Can someone help me reconcile my anxiety over phone updates, the better Samsung security updates, the better LG warranty, and some of the other differences mentioned. i think the screen size is not as big of a deal. Do i want the updates? Do i want to avoid the updates?

    I suppose 1 option might be to use the 10e for now, and when I get closer to the 1 year mark,buy LG G8 thinq at a cheaper price and get the 2 year warranty

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    Re: Samsung phones and updates


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    Re: Samsung phones and updates

    Samsung is everythere now

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    Re: Samsung phones and updates

    If you want to get regular updates, then you'd better choose an iPhone. Note that both of these smartphones are very weak.

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    Re: Samsung phones and updates

    Though i am a Samsung fan, i would also recommend iphone, if you want frequent updates

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