At one time I was using a Note 4. Recently I came across an article to turn your old device into an emergency scanner. I took my old Note 4 and decided to do a factory default reset on it to clean it up from anything that I had previously installed.

I am at a point where I can't get it going again. I get a prompt that says it is locked because of an abnormal factory reset. It says to sign in to the Samsung account that you have already signed in to on this device to confirm that it belongs to you. I entered what I thought to be the original email addressed used in the original setup. The phone accepted that but I had no idea what password I had originally used so on my current Samsung phone I logged into Samsung and changed my password. Now when I try using that password in setting up the old phone I get a "Login Failed" prompt.

How can I get past this problem and get the old phone going again?

Thanks in advance.

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