I know this isn't the best question to ask, but I need some advice from someone who knows what this is. So the other day my partner took a photo of our kids (3 of them) he then showed me straight away (we both have Samsung Galaxy S10's) and as he was scrolling through the pictures, the 4th scroll showed a grey screen (whilst scrolling through the pictures) with a lock icon in the middle. I asked him what that was and he said oh it's just because my phone was locked whilst taking the picture.

Now, normally I wouldn't think anything to that however with exactly the same phone I tried to replicate this and couldn't, so I spoke to a friend and she wondered if it could be a third-party app (one he had deleted years ago after a row) such as SnapChat etc, does anyone know what this screen means, is it because the photo is from another app, is it the memory card etc etc? I just found it weird we have the same phones and I cannot do that on mine?

Thanks in advance

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