So I asked someone if they could figure out why my battery suddenly stopped holding charge and was draining so fast and he said sure, but then ruined the phone.

About 25% of the apps crash when I click on them. He figured out that if you install an older version of the app most of the time it worked, but I didn't want the older version (forever), so when I tried to update them, again they wouldn't work.

And why would an older version work? That makes no sense.

I've done many things to try & fix it like:

1. Reinstall them
2. Restart
3. Called my cell carrier. They said everything was fine & obviously if I can connect to the net, there's nothing wrong there.
4. Turned on the data saving (I think it was called) setting
5. I tried to update the OS which I hadn't done in months & it won't install. The phone restarts as if all is done & it comes up with install. I've done that 3 times.

I do NOT want to have to reformat the entire phone. It's ridiculous.

Any way you can help?


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