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    Can anyone help to solve this issue, please?.

    I changed my Network provider, and installed the new Sim Card. I used PAC to keep my old number.

    It is supposed to have been Activated, but all I get is, ‘No SIM. Emergency calls only’.
    As you know, after Factory Reset, I need to get Samsunsung’s Verification Code; but Samsung automatically require account Backup. SIM Card not working so I cannot Login to get Verification Code.

    I always get that ‘message’ sound but nothing appears on the Screen.

    I aso get, ‘Phone not registered on Network’.

    Please see below:

    About Phone

    Status Information

    SIM Card Status

    Network Not available

    Mobile network state Not available

    Service provider info Not available

    Service state Not available

    IMS registration status Not registered

    Signal strength Not available

    Mobile voice network type Not available

    Mobile data network type Not available

    Roaming Not available

    Many thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Tried to change Network provider/A50 Galaxy

    I understand your problem, so in order to fix this solution, I checked https://tothemoonmobile.com which provide different services and tariff plans for travelers. I was really glad to see their tariff plans that are helping to save money and to find a proper solution for my phone. This operator is using the infrustructure of another operator and gives you the opportunity to get up to 20 gb that will help you to connect to the Network and to make calls for affordable price.

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