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    I finally created mmf files out of some Cartman sayings ("Respect my authority!" and "Screw you hippy!") to use as notification tone when I get a text message. However, I don't seem to find where I can set these tones on my phone. I assumed it would be under Message Tones menu option but I can only find the factory defaults there.

    Is this possible to do?

    If anybody wants these mmf files I can post them here...

    See More: Samsung S307 Custom Alert Tone

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    i think its only possible for a normal ringtone, not for the message alert..

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    I try to change that and you can only change the calls ringtine...and the service light....any text message ringtone or voicemail ringtone and the light when that sounds cant be changed...at least in my cingular S307

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