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    Alright guys. I just got a samsung s105 phone. I have no idea how to download anything onto the phone. Can someone please tell me step by step how to download songs and images onto the phone. Thanks in advance.


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    first things first, this post should be in cell phones section, in the samsung sub-forum. anyways, unless ur phone has infrared or bluetooth, ur gonna have to use a data cable. i'm not real familiar wit samsungs, but u should be able to send ringtones over the data cables.
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    items you will need:

    infared port - to transfer files wireless between phone and pc

    data cable - to transfer files between phone and pc & firmware flashing

    EasyGPRS 2.1.5 - software that allows ringtones and wallpapers to be transferred

    data cables can be found on ebay or related sites for cheap, you should not pay more $20 for the cable. i have not seen any difference between generic and oem data cables, so it's your preference. as for the software, you can download it from aviworld.de or any other samsung related sites. hope that helps.

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