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    In a few months my contract will be up with T-Mobile and I'm thinking of getting a new phone. I currently have Motorola t720i. It's a nice phone and all, but it has its problems. Just to name a couple - slow responce time and random crashes. I was thinking of getting a t722i, but not sure if I want to go with the same phone again (even though I hear the new one has these problems fixed). The main thing is that I don't want an addon cam. I want a built in cam on a flip phone. I heard Motorola was gonna have V300, but I've yet to see it being offered by TMo. So this brings me to E715. How is this phone compared to the t720i? Does it have infrared?

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    the E715 has all of the features you're looking for plus flash and higher resolution camera and screen over the T722i. the T722 was simply an attempt by moro to fix the T720's software issues, which they did not do very well.

    yes, i believe it has irda compatibility, plus it also accepts the V205's synchro cable should you stumble on one for cheap.

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    I heard the E715 was recalled, you should do some research on it before you decide to buy one.

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    If you do get a new cell phone, get one with bluetooth. Sending and recieving from your friends' phones and your computer is so much easier through bluetooth then through infrared (though using a cable is probably easy too)! Also, you can bluejack people!

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    consider checking out the:

    samsung e715 - after they get the software bugs and battery problem solved

    samsung v205 - kinda old but still a good phone, especially with the new firmwares out right now (allows you to zoom in and out)

    panasonic gd87/88 or gu87/88 - similar to the v205, sturdy phone

    samsung s105 - dated but very sturdy phone

    samsung s200/s300 - similar to the s105 but smaller and supports 40 polys among other things

    it's obvious that i'm a hardcore samsung user, have had nokia phones but didn't like them too much. just my opinion.

    hope that helps.

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