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    I got my sanyo 5500 back in december and one the one thing that has really made me mad is the lack of alarmclock!!

    All the online reviews from ZDnet and other sources say it's got that feature!?

    Apparently my $300 wasn't enough for an alarmclock?

    Are there any software/firmware updates that add this feature? I tried connecting to the sprint network and searching applications for the alarmclock but it wasn't there. There's another $15 down the drain for that usless search.

    See More: 5500 Alarm clock??

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    Alarm clock

    The only way I have found, and it's a hassle, to activate an alarm clock is to set up an event with an alarm. But that requires going into the tool/extra screen, then calender, then highligting the date you want the alarm to go off, then options, then create event, then schedule, then you actually get to set the alarm time and type.

    With all that said, you have to leave your phone on in order for it to work! Otherwise it just lets you know once you turn it on that an alarm has occurred.

    I've seen on application that was advertised for an alarm clock, but the reviews on it were soooo bad I didn't even bother with it.

    Surely some individual, or Sanyo themselves, will come up with something soon. I mean c'mon.. a great phone that takes pictures and video but doesn't have the ability to funtion as a simple alarm clock????

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