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    Are all usb data cables the same in functionality and what you can do? Can you guys please respond with your success with using the data cables with the phone? like phone book, pictures, ringtones, calendar, both to and from the cellphone.



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    If you have Vision Professional Pak you should be able to have remote access Outlook directory on your PC from your phone plus email, attachments and other saved files on the desktop using BCPE.

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    I bought an OEM-style cable (non-charging) on ebay and use BITPIM. I have no trouble downloading pictures and uploading ringers. However, the phone (not the software) has some limitations, especially when using the cable alone.

    1. Only three ringers can be uploaded/stored and they must be MIDI files of about 30 seconds length or less. If you have any "PC Synch" (uploaded via cable from a PC) ringers already on your phone, then you won't be able to upload three ringers. You need to delete ALL PC Synch ringers from the phone before sending three more.
    2. The phone only holds 100 events for the calendar, so if you are synching with Outlook, be sure and limit the date range that you are sending.
    3. Pictures are listed as "wallpaper" downloads and are 640 x 480 PNG files. To edit them, you need a photo editor that can handle PNG or you will need to translate them. The free program that came with my scanner handles them just fine.

    Hope this helps.

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    The cables work fine. Also make sure to not get a USB cable that charges as these have been reported to damage phones.

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