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    Any help with this would be much appreciated-

    I bought a new Sanyo phone through Sprint just a few weeks ago and I've been taking/sending pictures constantly. Since I don't get great reception where I live, I try to send pictures en masse whenever I get a couple bars. This seemed to be going great until I ran out of space in the "In Camera" section, at which point I simply began saving the pix to the phone and deleting the copies in the "In Camera."

    The problem is that there doesn't seem to be any way to export the pictures that are "Saved to Phone," meaning that I now have 56 pictures that I can neither put back in the "In Camera" section, nor email, nor post to an online album. This is really depressing- is there ANY way to recover those pix, or are they doomed to stay on the cell phone forever?

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    aye bro all u need to do is send dem to your online pic album (pictures.sprintpcs.com) or use a usb cord to transfer dem to your computer and save dem der ...i usually upload them to my computer by usb cord and then save dem once they are saved you can delete them outa your phone
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    sseems like your totally screwed...

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