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    ok, so i got the bitpim to work by selecting "sanyo 8100" as my phone instead of "bell sanyo 8100" apprentyl bitpim can't send pics to bell mobility phones. NEWAYS.... heres the questions

    the pics come off my phone to my comp/bitpim as JPG. files, when i try to bring pic files from comp to bitpim the are PNG. files, whats the difference and why does this happen?


    when i send the pics to my phone i cannot find them on my phone, but when i send pics to the comp these pics show up on my comp. i have looked everywhere on my phone that i know exists. When i looked at the "log" on bitpim it says they are stored in "directory 3" Where the hell is directory 3 and how do i access it?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated


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    bell has requested all their 8100's to come with the pc sync menu removed. this is where you access the ringtones you upload using a data cable. you can still use bitpim and the cable to get your pics from the camera, and backing up your phone book, but it wont do much else.
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