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    My question is out there if anyone wants to do something to help me.....awsome, if not, thats cool too.

    I am a digital animation student in baltimore, md. I was wondering if anyone out there had a CDMA phone lying around that they were not useing. I want a nice phone, but i have so many other things i have to spend my money on, and school is more important. I usted to work for sprint so i know that people just have phones all over the place. As i have noticed, being a digital arts person, its nice to be able to do multiple things your phone and computer. I really like the fact that you can do all that **** with bluetooth. Even though i know i can not pay you in money, i CAN pay you by doing a design for you or a company for free. I design logos and do most if not alot of the flyer designs for 3 clubs in baltimore and 2 in DC. I also work closely with 2 tattoo shops where i can draw u something and they will do it for nothing (bec i give them art for $$ and favors such as these ones). I know that just bec im a broke college student doesnt mean i should get **** 4 free, but i really think that a nice phone will help keep me more orginized and help with actually getting phone calls... right now i have a V60s from verizon.....crappy crappy phone....
    thanks in advance to all and everyone...

    michael parisi
    Baltimore, md, usa

    [email protected]

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    cdma phone is a throw away type phone. if the plan is over you cannot do anything with this kind of phone. check your local cellphone dealer if they have a box that's said RECYCLE CELLPHONE and look inside that box or think maybe you see one of this box around.

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    CDMA phones are definitely NOT throwaway phones, but if someone upgrades you can often find a reasonably priced phone on eBay (there are dozens of them on there now for under $10) or in the Buy Used Phones section of Forums such as this one or others.

    Before you buy a CDMA phone, you must INSIST that the seller provide you with the ESN # of the phone. You should call the CDMA carrier you intend to use (Sprint, Verizon, etc) and verify that the phone is eligible for activation. If the phone is reported lost or stolen, or if the previous owner walked away owing the carrier $$, you will end up owning a paperweight. Be sure that you can put service on it before you buy!

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    Good advice!!

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