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    I am having trouble with my phone (a Sanyo 8200)... I paid for 2 games but my phone won't let me download them. It says:

    Memory is full.
    Cannot download.
    1 KB required.

    I've been able to download stuff, but it just started giving me this message. I've deleted the useless trial crap they put on my phone, and I have 276 KB of free space. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? The programs I'm trying to download are games, each less than 90kb.

    Please help! Thanks!

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    i'm SURE this is the cure.... : look for the "format your phone" feature in your PHONE... then you take a back-up of your stuff in ur computer... and then start formatting.... i had this problem with my phone memory card... but still ur prob and my prob[that i had] are the same... so do it right away

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