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    i wanna know if i can transfer my pics from my 8100 to my samsung a600.

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    Upload your pics to Sprint's website before you do the swap. The pics should stay with your account when they transfer your # to the Samsung.

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    THE SANYO 8100 pro to the rescue

    sanyo has made picture transfer so easy it's childsplay!!! heres how ...by now you know your cell phone itself has an email addrress ie: mine is [email protected] knowing that adress is important otherwise your s.o.l. now find out both phones email address it shold be your phone number @ bell or sprint or rogers or telus. com or ca ... there thats all simply email the pic you want your other cell to recieve and presto it's on your phone and a download option comes up another way is to use your regular picture transfer mode and if your inter-swapping between same cell networks you shouldnt have a problem....another way is to uplo ad to you online pics and try your send from there via email or you can try the cell's number get back to me if you have problem I am the bell network ex-tech guy I know it all !!!! ps: sanyo codes you should know ##3282 menu save number and ##786 menu / save number
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    if you got picture mail shouldnt be a problem uploading and sending

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