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    I will start out to say this....
    I am A NEWB!!!! OK.

    With that said.

    I have a MM7400 and I have 2 data cables.
    One charges, the other doesn't.

    When i plug either of them into the computer, neither one is detected by the computer. I am running WinXP.

    I read a post on how to change the usb mode from modem to composite and did that through the debug menu.

    All I want to do is add ring-tones and pics to the phone and be able to offload the pics and vids i take.

    I want to thank anyone who replies.

    Thanks for any help on this issue.

    Eclipse.... Las Vegas

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    If you don't have the drivers for the cable/phone you'll need to get them. I think you can download them from the web.(not sure).
    Once you have the drivers change the phone back to modem. If all is good you should see the phone in your device manager as another modem after you plug the phone up to the data cable.Then download a freebie program called "Bitpim". After installing the software bitpim should be able to detect your phone. If not you'll have to tell it what com port it's using.
    You can only send .mid and .qcp ringtones to the phone tho. Pictures are in .png format. And anything sent to the phone will be sent to the pcsync folder.

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    qcp converter

    I wanted to know if anyone can tell me how to convert music files to qcp, etc that will load on my mm7400 through bitpim. Since i see that they will not go on my phone unless they are the appropriate file type

    Thanks i advance

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    I have a quick question about using BitPim and replacing files on my MM-7400. In the BitPim help menu is states this:


    All items in BitPim will replace those in the same category on the phone. For example, if you have 3 wallpaper items in BitPim, you will end up with only the same 3 items on the phone. All others will be removed.

    The thing is, a have downloaded quite a few ringtones from Sprint and the filetype appears to be .mus or something like that because the name of each ringtone ends in "-music". When I first installed BitPim and had it send everything on my phone, I noticed something funny with the ringtones. It sent my .mid and .qcp ringtones to my computer, but didn't send those ringtones that I'd downloaded from Sprint. When I update and the hit the replace buton in BitPim, is this going to erase and only upload the .mid and .qcp ringtones I choose to add, or will it leave those ones I download from Sprint alone?

    Thanks in advance!

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