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    How do you change m4a. (what i use on itunes) to Midi files for my sanyo? Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
    Well instead of making a new thread ill just post what im going to type here. I just got Anvil Studio to help do the change...but how come on the very first step when I have to open the file...I open Itunes, then the album i want to open, but when i click the album there's no songs shown or any other files. Do I have to change the the main media player from something other than itunes or convert the m4a. to some other file before using anvil studios?
    Please help, Thanks.

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    if you have quick time pro, its a sinch. do a search for MM-7400 and look through the threads, and you will find how to do it. it works very nice, you can make any ringer you want. i have made a ton, and it is really cool.

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