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    what it says in the title. thanks.

    See More: how can i send a mpg file to my MM-7400

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    Anyone know? I have this phone - with sprint tv - but would like the ability to dl small clips.

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    i got this from somewhere else

    ull Movies on my Sanyo 5600

    I've loaded 5 full movies to my 512 Mini SD Card so far. I use "Nokia Mulitmedia" to convert them to 3gp then rename them to mp4, the file originally was in AVI format. Now the "Nokia Multimedia" won't read AVI's? anyone help? The Movies in AVI still play on my MPX300 and MPX220



    This info is from another forum:

    successfully made a 3gp file and downloaded it to my phone. I did have to rename it to an mp4 file and I was even able to make it my screensaver with no probs on my MM-A700. If anyone would like to do this get this free app

    Here http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,8764,42291,00.html

    1) Download and install player.
    2) Launch Nokia Multimedia Player. Open your video file (avi or mpg).
    3) Press File -> Save as...
    4) Enter filename of your 3gp file, and choose resolution and size limit: not sure what MMS stands for but I just chose Custon 300KB or 200KB 176x144
    MMS 64KB, 128*96
    MMS 95KB, 128*96
    MMS 95KB, 176*144
    Custom 200KB, 128*96
    Custom 200KB, 176*144 <- Perfect fit for MM-A700
    Custom 300KB, 128*96
    Custom 300KB, 176*144 <- Perfect fit for MM-A700
    No size limit, 128*96
    No size limit, 176*144
    5) Click Save. File converted.
    6) Then rename file to .mp4 and use the focus tool to upload it
    edit: oops wrong phone ill try to look for something for the 7400

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcnu
    what it says in the title. thanks.
    Use Quicktimes mediaplayer to convert them to 3gp files. Once that is done rename them to .mp4 and download them to your phone. Make sure they're relatively small files because the phone will fill up fast.

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