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    Are data cables worth the money. Let me be more specific.
    I have a sanyo 7400. Nice phone enjoy it very much. I use alot of uploader programs to get the files i create to the phone ie: screensavers, ringtones, etc.
    What are the real benifits for getting a data cable? You cant tether phone to a laptop or computer because you run the risk of breaking the rules of agreement with sprint - so what can you really do?

    could someone please outline some real benifits for this? also who do you recommend getting the cable from? I have looked at a coupld sites and the charging option seems to be the best imo. Any suggestions comments welcome. thanks in advance.

    Side Question. Emoticans. Can these be sent to other phones in TXT msgs and be seen?

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    Not having usb cables now a days is like not having a remote for your tv, it's just such a convenience especially for someone such as yourself who likes to upload wallpapers and ringers. As far a breaking rules with Sprint there's no worries there unless you write them a letter stating all the modifications you've done with your phone.

    Another convenience of having a usb cable is that you can used your phone to access the internet.

    Get yourself a usb cable and have fun with your phone....

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    Agreed - the internet access through a sprint phone is fantastic ... on bandwidth test sites Ive seen upwards of 300-400k (bits)/sec and pages always pop right up

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    thanks for the feedback guys. I went ahead and bought one from ebay. Havent had too much time to play with it. I really dont like the software that came with it...

    I havent tried the modem thing out either - but i know i will give it a shot. I have just read a bunch of horror stories of people getting charged astronomical amounts of money for bandwidth usage.

    Ohh by the way i still love my sanyo mm7400. I have come to learn the camera basically sucks in comparison to other phones (razor for example) but hey its a friggin phone right.

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