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    Hi guys,fabs here. This is my first post...i currently own an lg 5550 phone. I've had it for little less than a year now and has recently started to act a little funny. It seams that at times the ear volume goes really low and can barely hear what the other person is saying. If i raise the untena the voulme goes up. anywho..i'm not eligible for an upgrade now but i've been looking at some of the new phones that the provider is carrying. There is the nokia 6016i that they have and the sanyo 4920. I'm concidering these 2 because they are brick phones (i don't wanna go with a flip). I;ve hears some good stuff about the sanyo model. What i'm looking for is clarity, good battery life (heard it's really good on this phone), good signal strengh(i work in the basment of a buildiing) and good earpiece volume (almost deaf!haha).
    if you can give me some advise it would be much appreciate.thanks

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    Tha Sanyo 4920 is actually imho one of Sanyo's better phones, the earpiece volume is not as muffled as the other models, also RF on the 4920 is good.

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