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    Hi I just upgraded to an MM8300 the other day, and folowing a link on this site to mp3's they had made, thanks by the way, I downloaded one and sent it to my phone, and it said it doesn't support this type of file and I need to get " a handler" to use this content type!!! What the hell!! This is a brand new $300 VIDEO phone, and it cant play an MP3?!?!?! Does anyone know a way around this? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks

    And just a little update, when I try to play it, it says that I need a handler, and to press ok to get a handler. It takes me to the screensavers download page on sprint!! I searched in all of the sections of the sprint downloads, and there is nothing called a "handler" of any sort!!!

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    convert them to qcp files and send them to your phone. im not sure if itll be the same quality. you can download a qcp converter on the qualcomm website i think.

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    Ok I also have a Sanyo MM 8300 and updated to this phone like a month ago. It's true that it does not support mp3 files but it does support MP4/AAc which is better sound quality. It also does support midi and qcp, but i advise you to try it out. In order to create an MP4/AAC you should at least have it in 48 mhz and mono. If anybody has any doubts just PM me. As you can notice this forum does not support those type of attachments. Peace

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