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    must be stoopid or something, but I can't get my new 8300 to display caller id like I want. every call comes in and displays the number and state. my 4900 would show me the callers name if they were in my address book. this one doesn't just scrolls 973-xxx-xxxx [New Jersey] accross the screen.

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    is that wat u call tapped
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    u arent stupid.. thats only because you dont have the number stored in your phone that is the only logical reason. ive had the 8300 and when u do NOT have a number stored, the state and number shows up but when u have the number stored, the state WILL NOT show up.. ONLY the NAME and number. You must have entered the phone number incorrectly... delete the number completely and put it in OVER again... and that should do the trick.. if u need further help, u can PM me..
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    actually found out that it wasn't me or the phone. It was FutureDial Suite 4.0. I used FD to transfer the phonebook (cuz I couldn't get my bitpim to talk to the phone without errors). I took the phone to Sprint thinking it was a phone issue. they couldn't figure it out. So we played with it for a while. Turns out if I enter a number into the phonebook from the phone it shows up on callerid correctly. If I enter a number through Futuredial it wont show up.
    So it's definetly something to do with futuredial.

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