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    First post, great resource! I have a Samsung SPH-A460 (el-cheapo) and am using Sprint PCS. I live in a valley and my Sprint reception is very marginal. Sprint is the best reception in the area so changing providers is not an option; everybody in the neighborhood uses Sprint. My question is this:
    I'm thinking about changing phones and I know it is very hard to speak in generalities with this sort of thing, but does anybody here have any personal antecdotal evidence of Sanyo phones having any better reception than Samsung? I'm considering switching over to Sanyo. I know this might be wishful thinking but if I can increase my reception just a smidgen, it may really decrease my dropped calls, I'm that close!

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    Usually a cheap phone will give the same reception as an expensive one. I don't think changing your phone will have any drastic change on reception. If your phone is battered, then you might see a big change. Everytime you bang or drop your phone, over time the performance deteriorates.

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    Re: Reception ques: Samsung vs Sanyo

    I cannot say anything about a samsung but my Sanyo 8100 has bee very good. We were going to go with a samsung clamshell phone two years ago but we live at the edge of civilization so the store rep recommended Sanyo for better reception. With the antenna down it is about the same as all other sprint phones but with the antanna up it will show at least one or tow bars more.

    I am waiting on the new Sanyo Katana to come out b4 I upgrade.

    You can always try the 14(or is it 30) day trial on the Sanyo Phone to see if you like it.

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    Re: Reception ques: Samsung vs Sanyo

    I have used both the samsung and sanyo phones in the 9 years I have been with sprint. I must say I love them both. I do, however, get better reception with the sanyo line. I couldn't say enough about the sanyo 8300. There has been no phone better than the 8300 in my opinion, but they say the 8400 is coming in July....

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