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    hey there im new here. i realize you have probably answered this a million times but if you could re direct me to a page or thread that would be great...

    i ve had the phone for a while, ive used bitpim and remember having a problem with the driver?? and i cant remeber how i fixed it, could someone please explian to me how i can d/l a driver or something to fix the problem. Because when i try to connect my phone it says failed to detect and so on

    ur help is appreciated

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    is that wat u call tapped
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    google or yahoo "drivers for the sanyo 8100" and see what comes up. or u can even try the sanyo site ( sanyo.com ) im sure they have drivers and such on their. personally, ive never needed drivers so i never really researched them but i have found a few other threads with the same question and most people got good results using google.. try that out.
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