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    I have a Sanyo RL 7300 and ready to buy a data cable/charger.
    I noticed that most Sanyos are compatible with the same type of cable, is this true?

    So I researched and found the Mobile Action Package for about $25 which comes with drivers and phone manager software. I did some more snooping at the official site and found that I could download the drivers and software directly, free of charge. My question is, could I use any data cable that fits into my phone? or do certain cables work only with that companys drivers?

    These data cables arent in retail stores but all over the internet.. would you just grab one for about 10-15 or just buy the package from Mobile Action.

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    Re: USB Data Cable -newbie-

    Hi, could you tell me the address of the site you got the drivers and softeware for free? Thanks. I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to up load to my phone.

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    Re: USB Data Cable -newbie-

    its up here in anuther forum!

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