Hey new to the forum, hi.

So I got the Sanyo RL-4930 a couple months ago to replace my ancient cell phone. Anyways, I just keep the phone in my pocket and I do some moving around, and about a month ago, I got a block call, and it was 911. They wanted to make sure that everything was ok. The phone had called 911 while it was in my pocket. I have the keyguard on, but its retarded. There's a significantly smaller chance to accidenally 911 if the keyguard is off.

So its in my pocket with keyguard on, I can accidentally press *911 or #011 or just 911, and talk, and it will call 911.

If while randomly in my pocket it dials like 2872364 9 238472876 1 back, web, option, 2384732487 1 28194012971591635876358, back, web, option, talk it will dial 911. Is there a way to disable this retarded "safety" feature.

I just don't want to get fined, or get blamed for tieing up emergency lines when someone needs genuine help. Plus sprint doesn't have any holsters or anything for this phone.

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