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    Hi, lost my great Sanyo 4900 last wk... Keys to a phone for me are; great signal strength/reception, and voice quality/clarity. No-frills. Picture not
    critical. Flip would be nice upgrade from the 'brick' - Question is, what's out
    there in Sanyo (Sprint PCS User) that has the same famous signal-strength
    and voice quality, in today's marketplace... as the 4900. Sanyos do seem
    to be well-suited for Sprint and being off-contract for about 5 yrs with em,
    i don't want to re-up for 2 years so i don't wanna buy my replacement from

    I'm out of touch with the market and could really use some help choosing a
    no-frills, (well, something at least with speakerphone/web-access..) a little
    more compact, flip format preferably -- but ultimately, sometthing that is
    on a par with the performance/qualities of the 4900....

    Thanks for your help!


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    Re: Trusty 4900 lost. Replacement idea????

    The ol' 4900, man I still remember upgrading from that phone when I had Sprint awhile back. Definitely need to stick with Sanyo IMO. I recommend going with the 2400, check it out here: Sanyo SCP-2400 Specs & Features (Phone Scoop)

    Or if you want to go with a camera phone, the 3100: Sanyo SCP-3100 Specs & Features (Phone Scoop)

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