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    I have a Sanyo SCP-2300 (or VI-2300) and I downloaded some games for my phone, they installed fine after the download but when I go to play them I get the loading screen, the loading bar only goes so far then I get the following error

    "Game/Application Terminated"

    Then it takes me back to the menu.

    The games I have on the phone are:

    -Age of Empires
    -Alpha Wing
    -Ancient Empires <<<on the sprint site they have Ancient Empires 2 for download on the phone so im assuming the first one should work
    -Fantasy Warrior
    -Metal Slug

    Im assuming the games are supposed to work with this phone since they installed fine.

    Any help would be great, I would like to get these working. Thanks.

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    Re: Problems running games

    Did Ya Get The Games From Sprint ?

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    Re: Problems running games

    Did you check the requirements for those games? If it's compatible with your unit or not. There are games that although they are not compatible with your unit they are still downloadable but yet if you play it, it won't work.

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