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    I know that you can use a program like Bitpim to get pictures off the sanyo katana and i was wondering if there is anyway to convert my .mp3's into a format that i can load onto the phone via a program like Bitpim and use as a ringtone?

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    Re: getting custom ringtones on Sanyo Katana

    i know this isn't exactly what you are asking for but this is how i get whatever ringtone i want onto my katana

    the katana uses the .qcp format. i don't have or use a cable so i have no idea how to do it with that. but if you have internet, this is how i do it.

    download audacity from here Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder make sure you also download the lame mp3 encoder so you can export your file as an mp3. load your mp3 or wav file into audacity and select the section of the file you want as your ringtone. once you have what you want, export it as an mp3. you might have to play with the bit rate settings as you'll need to keep the file under 200k.

    after you have your mp3 file go to this page
    Convert Ringtones - free online ringtone converter (SMAF MMF, MIDI, SP-MIDI, Nokia, Sagem, Motorola, WAVE, MP3, AMR, IMelody, eMelody) and up near the top left click on the online converter link. follow the instructions to load your file and pick your phone and it will upload and convert your file to the proper ringtone format. download the new file to your computer, then go to this site to send it to your phone Mobile Phone Uploader you need to know your sms email address. i.e [email protected] or you can just put the file in and get the jump code and use your phone to go to the wap site they specify.

    that's it. i'm on bell and i've never had a problem using this method yet. the audacity program is also great if the ringtone you found is to quiet, as you can amplify the sound or do pretty much what ever you want to it.

    sorry about that. forgot to turn off the link check boxes.

    audacity is here http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

    the online converting site is here

    and the site to send the ringers to your phone is here.
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    Re: getting custom ringtones on Sanyo Katana

    its hard to get ringtones on to a phone that doesnt take a memory chip.
    but you can try the website
    Mobile17 ^^ :: Create Ringtones and Graphics: online, for free!

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