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    I dropped my SCP 3100 into a puddle on the way to work and it seemed to have broken it. I went to the sprint store and they dont cover water damage, so I started looking for a new phone.
    out of curiosity, I turned on the 3100 and it started! ....but then it turned off again.

    It gets to the SANYO white screen with red letters (initial boot up screen), and then it restarts. It seems to be in a restart loop..repeatedly restarting (and getting to the SANYO screen).

    I think this is because theres a short somewhere because of the water damage. Should I continue trying to dry it out or should I give up and buy a new phone?

    Thanks :-)

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    Re: Wet SCP 3100...suggestions

    take the battery out of the phone for about a day.
    you also should try to see if you can open the phone and let it air dry because there definitely is some water in there (DONT OPEN IT IF YOU NOT SURE HOW TO... BECAUSE YOU COULD RIP A WIRE)

    (this should have been done right after it was dropped in the water...)

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