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    Hello All! I am new to the forums and forgive me if something similar has been posted. Recently, my wife and I got the Katana's and we really liked them. Then she was telling me that when I called here it kept coming up as a different name. I have been able to find information pertaining to that, that is not my big issue however but if there is a way to correct that that would be great.

    Our major issue is that when I call her, and now it seems like it is happening more frequently, the call goes through but it doesn't ring in my ear through the earpiece. At first I thought it was signal, but my wife would answer. I then tried to dial again with speaker phone and it is fine. Has anyone else had this problem? Of course it is the same thing for her. She will call me and will say hello 50xs and she gets pissed at that. Is there a solution other than sending it back at my expense? For instance can you do a complete reset of the phone? Any infor mation would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Katana issues I am experiencing

    you can try a reset on the phone by going to settings, then security. (security code should be the last 4 digits of your phone number.)

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